go the extra mile.




The idea behind the Whose Shoes Mile challenge is similar to that of the ALS ice bucket challenge. During these devastating and difficult times that our world is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can all choose to be the change and do something positive to raise awarness and share appreciation and graditude for all of those heroes who are in the fight against the virus for us. The Whose Shoes Mile challenge consists of you walking, running, rolling (in a wheelchair or anything else with wheels), biking, swimming, or even driving a mile for anyone that you want to dedicate your mile to. You spend your mile intentially focusing on, praying for, thinking about, "walking in their shoes". Whose Shoes Mile challenge is our way to say thank you to those heroes for their hard work and dedication during this challenging time.


Whose shoes are you going to go your mile in? The idea is to spread positivity and gratitude to all of the amazing nurses, doctors, medical professionals, researchers, delivery workers, grocery store employees, teachers, janitorial staff, small business owners, law enforcement, first responders, and so many more awesome people who are giving so much to help us to stay safe and well. This challenge can also spread positivity, love, and support to all those who are battling COVID-19, those who have lost their battle to the virus, those who are at higher risk during this scary time of being affected by the illness, and the families who have been impacted by it as well. When you participate in the Whose Shoes Mile challenge, we ask that you dedicate the mile to anyone of your choice (specific individual or general group). As humans, we need to come together during this confusing time (of course not literally together, but together in a sense of supporting everyone who is fighting against and being affected by this horrible pandemic and letting them know how much we appreciate them). Let's show all of the heroes who are going the extra mile and working so hard to try to keep all of us healthy and well how much they are appreciated and loved!

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