go the extra mile.


spread positivity and support during the COVID-19 pandemic through walking, running, rolling, biking, swimming, driving, or however you move for your mile!

Hi everyone and welcome to the official Whose Shoes Mile website! We are looking to spread positivity and support to everyone who is fighting against and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to show all of the many people who are going the extra mile for all of us to be able to see all of our love and support that we have for them.  The Whose Shoes Mile challenge consists of you completing the following steps:


1) Dedicate your mile to anyone or group of people who you want to say thank you to.


2) Walk, run, roll, bike, swim, drive, or do anything that you are capable of doing for a mile. During your activity think about, focus on, pray for the person/group of people you are dedicating your activity and energy to. Also, nominate three other people or families if you wish to do the challenge as well after you complete your mile (feel free to do the challenge multiple times)! 


3) We ask you to hold up a sign saying who you have dedicated your mile for and post a picture to your instagram or your instagram story using the hashtag #whoseshoesmile and also tag our instagrsam @whose.shoes.mile please! Feel free to post positive messages for anyone who you are dedicating your mile for as well! Every positive and loving word that you say or write can make a huge difference! We will try to post all of your pictures on our page as well so that everyone you dedicated your mile to can look at all of the love on this one page being sent their way from all over (so if you have a private account please DM us your picture)! There are so many heroes amongst us going the extra mile for us... let's do a mile for them and show them how much they are appreciated and loved as well!


We can all spread positivity and support during this time. All health care workers, researchers,  delivery workers, grocery employees, teachers, small business owners, law enforcement, first responders, and so many others who are being the change that the world needs right now are going the extra mile... so we can all go an intentional and dedicated mile "in their shoes"  to honor them and show our appreciation! Many thanks to everyone who is going the extra mile... we appreciate you so much and dedicate all of these miles to you!    

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